Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rolling Out the Beans at High 5 Tickets To the Arts

Through the vibrant studios of Arts Connection, Museum Teen Summit breathed an air of productivity as we turned our attention to the offices of High 5 Tickets to the Arts. Tucked away in Midtown Manhattan, High 5 opens doors to New York's trending events and programs, including dance, music, and visual arts, at the unbeatable price of $5 (I know - seems too good to be true!). How are we connected? Both Museum Teen Summit and High 5 walk on a common, silver line: generate teen participation in museums.

Circled around their conference table, High 5's Program Manager, Colin P. Delaney, and Communications Manager, Clair Coveney, lent us a helpful hand on our next big project: creating an easy-to-use rating site where teens comment and review on museum programs and events around New York City. Like Yelp, this widespread database would be the pinnacle of an 'information interchange' between the teen and educator; youths would voice the pros and cons of a program, while museum educators, looking to advance and better their programs, would consider and apply these critiques.

But most of all, our teenage-dreamlike-museum program database would satiate one of Museum Teen Summit's climactic goals: creating the youth community.
Like how Urbanspoon draws both restaurant connoisseurs and hungry go-getters, MTS's rating site would entice both the teenage artist and non-artist, the museum goer and the museum stranger. And together, with teens actively participating in this auspicious site and varying museum programs, MTS would establish a community of teens sharing and embracing the arts.

Stay tuned on our progress; there is much more to come!

By the way, Museum of Art and Design is hosting a teen night (!!!!!)
So really, STAY TUNED!

-- Ramona Venturanza