Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MTS Revolution at the Bronx Museum

If you could start a revolution, what would be your cause?

MTS, a museum revolution (if we may say so ourselves), ventured into the Bronx Museum to get a taste of its bold, worldly artwork.  Glendalys Medina welcomed MTS into the museum by inviting us to make tags with our names and artwork on them.  By hanging up our artsy tags in the lobby, we made our mark and added our own history to this daring museum, which already has a variety of awesome culture and evolution in it already.
The Revolution NotTelevised exhibit featuring Cuban Revolution artwork and the Style Wars exhibit which emphasizes the impact of words in art really got MTS’s creative juices to flow.  We then created our own revolution. 

Each of our revolutions consisted of:
·         A cause

·         An element (water, wind, fire, and earth)

·         A statement

·         A symbol

·         And a number

Hannie Chia spoke to MTS about the Bronx Museum of the Art’s Teen Council.  This inspiring program is made up of qualified teens who share their creative ideas to make zines, learn digital art skills, exchange ideas with other museums, and help improve the Bronx Museum with their artistic mindsets.
Say “yes” to life and check out the Bronx Museum! It’s free admission, so why not?

-Nicole Marino