Thursday, November 17, 2011

Meeting with the Teen Programmers

Suzanna's report on our meeting with the NYC Museum Teen Programmers: Two weeks ago, we were fortunate enough to be invited to present at the Museum Teen Programmer’s meeting at the Rubin Museum. This was the first time teens were asked to come to the meeting that affects and determines the programs we participate in.

After all the programmers and Museum Teen Summit members got situated in the conference room, MTS got to right to work. First some remaining alums of the summer MTS session gave a brief summary of what we did this summer- the museums we visited, the questions we discussed, the research we conducted- which led to the continuation of MTS into the fall. Then three of our new members described what we did in first meeting of the fall session and some of the goals we set: outreach, community, inform. Next three more new members talked about how we plan to approach these plans for the future. To end the presentation we opened the floor to questions. Silence… It was clear that the Museum Teen Summit meant business.

Finally the programmers began asking questions and an incredible discussion began. Some of the comments and ideas that stood out were:
  • WORKING TOGETHER- That this meeting between the Teen programmers and MTS not be a onetime event; that there be constant communication and interaction between the two sides. 
  • ONE CENTRAL LOCATION FOR MUSEUM PROGRAM INFO- The programmers seemed to universally want a database on which the MTS review and give feedback on the different programs. What works? What doesn’t? 
  • ATTRACTING MORE TEENS- Specifically getting more non-art loving teens involved. How do we do that? Through advertising on social media sites, ex. Facebook? Using MTS members as advocates to outreach more teens? 
  • DIFFERENT MUSEUM=DIFFERENT ISSUES- Not all the institutions are the same, therefore they have different problems and different ways for MTS to help fix those problems and improve the museum’s situation.
After the great meeting with the Teen programmers, MTS came together and discussed what we do now. We realized how much the museum Teen programmers need us and how much work ahead we must do to help the programmers and also accomplish our goals for this session. It’s time to get to work Justice League!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The first few Fall sessions of MTS... according to Adora!

Do you want to know what we’ve been up to this fall, here at the NYC Teen Summit? In the past two weeks, after getting to know each other and what our mission is, we’ve done some major brainstorming! Ultimately, we’ve discussed how to improve teen programs in our museums and others across NYC. We’ve discussed how to attract more teens like us, teens that are our complete opposite, and teens that are simply just in between. In between laughs and attending a teen programmer’s conference we’re getting some pretty solid ideas. We know many of you are dying to know what our strategies are to increase the success in our teen programs, so talk to us to us if you want to know more. Like MTS on Facebook for more updates!