Thursday, August 2, 2012

MTS Gets 'Technosavvy' with Milwaukee Teens (Part 2)

After our tour at the New Museum, MTS went back to our long white table and tree stumps for a skype chat with the Teens from Milwaukee Museum. Even though the cafe was loud and noisy we still managed to hear what the Milwaukee teens had to say about their program and . . . well also the relationship between teens and museums in Milwaukee. They gave us a glimpse of the teen night that they're planning and it lasts until midnight! So teens in Milwaukee keep your eyes out for this exciting event.

Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin, yet the teens from The Milwaukee museum say that there are only a few museums there and they are not even free for students! The museum admission ticket is almost equal to a movie ticket and we asked teens whether they would go watch a movie or visit a museum, almost everyone replied with movies.

Before we know it, it was time to go for the Milwaukee Teens, we bid goodbye with a little icebreaker and showed them our famously known NYC streets, even though it wasn't 42nd street or anything, it was still very New York since someone came and photographed us through the New Museum's Glass window.

-Khachoe Ronge