Sunday, February 26, 2012

MTS Museum Meet Up Debrief

The Super Art Museum was really great at letting us host an event in their space!

First, we went around on a gallery tour with one of the artists exhibiting at the SAM. It was really interesting to hear the inspiration behind his work, as well as take questions and listen to our reactions as we went around the space.

At the end of the gallery tour, we were lead to the SAM Educational Center to make some artwork based on the artist's exhibit. We loved getting to work with a real artist and play around with some materials. We all walked away with a piece of artwork, and couldn't be happier.

After the art-making session, there were some refreshments and the SAM gave us passes to come back again! Then, one of the educators told us that the night wasn't over just yet.

For the last activity, we all created an interpretive dance based on everything we did and saw that day. We've never done anything like that!